Alexis Ren’s 10 Minute Ab Workout (FREE)

Hello there guys, So I'm back, and as promised I'm about to put myself through some pain and torture for you guys! Im going to do Alexis Ren's 10 minute workout everyday for 30 days, I started yesterday morning and let me tell you something, that workout is 10 minutes of hard work. I'm really… Continue reading Alexis Ren’s 10 Minute Ab Workout (FREE)



Hello guys, I just thought I'd write up a post to say how incredibly sorry I am, the last few days I had written up posts and posted them and I was having a look at my stats and yet, not one, single view! I was a bit surprised to be honest with you because… Continue reading Disaster!!


What’s in my bag?

I haven't seen one of these post around in a while so I thought I'd do one and tag someone else to do it, because well why not? The Rules: 1. Pop up a photo of your bag, you regular bag, not the sparkly clutch bag you searched for ages for to wear with your… Continue reading What’s in my bag?


Luxury Skincare from Where!?!? Aldi’s (Budget) Luxury Line Review

Hello there guys, Day 2 of my one post a day and I have the most amazing thing to share with you guys! If any of you know me you'll know that skincare hasn't always come easy to me, I struggled with cystic acne for a long while before I was given roaccutane which cleared… Continue reading Luxury Skincare from Where!?!? Aldi’s (Budget) Luxury Line Review

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One Post a Day for a Week and the Blogger Recognition Award

Hi there, When I made this blog a couple of months back now I absolutely loved it, I use WordPress regularly coming on to read people's posts and just to see what's been going on online. I love writing, I always have and probably always will it's a great place to have an outlet for… Continue reading One Post a Day for a Week and the Blogger Recognition Award


Social Media Addict? The Detox and How-to!

Instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr, reddit, VSCO, the list goes on, there's no denying it social media is a giant part of our lives nowadays and as brilliant as that is sometimes it's important to take a step back. Hi there again! Over the last few weeks I've been extremely busy, I had college work and… Continue reading Social Media Addict? The Detox and How-to!


Blogger Recognition Award! (Long Time No See)

Thank you so much xx



I know I haven’t been here for ages but I really want to start blogging again. There won’t be posts every week, there will be posts when I feel like posting, when I’m inspired and when I have time. Being in year 11 (second last year of high school before university) there have been so many things I need to do. I haven’t really had time to do anything. But recently I have been inspired to write and so I will try to get some posts written and probably scheduled. Anyway on to what this post is actually about:

The Blogger Recognition Award!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Select other bloggers for this award
  • Comment on each…

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